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Staff Focus: Gieslea Baezzlaer | Client Manager

The Patterson’s Insurerbuild team is pleased to announce that Gieslea Baezzlaer has been promoted to the role of Client Manager

Staff Focus: Belkez Lang | Client Manager

The Patterson’s Insurerbuild team is pleased to announce that Belkez Lang has been promoted to the role of Client Manager.

Staff Focus: Kristy De Waele | Finance Team Leader

The Patterson’s Insurerbuild team is pleased to announce that Kristy De Waele has been promoted to the role of Finance Team Leader.

Why Choose Pattersons

At Pattersons Insurerbuild, we are driven to exceed the expectations of insurers and their end-clients. We will reduce the life cycle of claims and the cost of repairs. Insurers can rely on Pattersons Insurerbuild to satisfy their clients. Clients can count on us for efficient, top quality repairs.

Thanks so much for the way you managed the extensive insurance-related restoration of our property recently. I was very impressed with your prompt, clear and open communication, your attention to detail and willingness go the extra mile. Nothing was too much trouble for you, and the personal integrity you brought to your role made for a very effective and pleasant relationship between us.

John VJWillingness to go the extra mile

Thank you for making things clear, understandable and easy from start to finish. Thank you to the Assessor who was on time and professional. Thank you to the customer service personnel for responding with due diligence to my questions. Most importantly I’d like to thank you for the Builder that you sent to do the work at home. Although I’ve thanked him personally, I’d like to take this opportunity to commend him to you.

David VClear, understandable and easy

The work completed has been of an exceptional standard. We wish to thank Bianca for her assistance in coordinating the repairs along with all trades involved. Well done Pattersons Team!

Katarina VWell done Pattersons!

I found the sub-contractors recommended by your company to be efficient, friendly and helpful. Therefore, a 10 rating is given. Your efforts to make sure the sub-contractors finish their assigned jobs were greatly appreciated.

Eddie LPerfect 10

With our last flood affected residents returning to the village later this week I just wanted to commend the work of Sean from Patterson’s as he has done an absolutely outstanding job in very trying circumstances. We have communicated constantly and worked together for the very best outcomes for the residents, even across the smallest of details. Importantly, the resident’s families are also very appreciative of the works and communication across the journey.

Darrin BOutstanding job

The unit has now been completely repaired and looks great. I would like to express my appreciation for the fantastic level of customer service you displayed in your dealings with me getting the work completed.

Tony TFantastic customer service

I must commend all involved with this insurance claim as it was very professionally handled. The assessor was very professional, and the tradesmen were superb; I would highly recommend him for any future work. My wife and I were very impressed with communication from the first day until the work was completed. The customer service was outstanding from all concerned.

Ian KProfessionally handled

I wish to thank Pattersons and the personnel for keeping me informed of all the work in progress. All of the tradesmen we encountered were helpful and courteous. They did a wonderful job. All the work has now been completed and we are satisfied with the repairs. Thank you once again.

Regina KHelpful & courteous

We want you to know that your retaining of Pattersons Building Group to carry out repairs to our church property was a true blessing for us. In particular, that of, Mr Terence Crane of Pattersons who was appointed as the Project Manager for our claim. He is a delight to deal with in person, over the phone and via email.

S JohnDelight to deal with

They are professional, have brilliant quality tradesman-ship and are friendly lovely guys to boot. We cannot thank you enough for what you and the guys have achieved this week. If only there were more like you Lisa.

Sharon TIf only there were more like you

Thank you so much for sending such great people. I will be telling my Manager how great you have been. You have no idea how much today has meant to me. You have given me peace of mind. And Troy is just the greatest.

Freda FPeace of mind

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