Our People

Stuart Patterson

Managing Director

As a respected expert in his field, Stuart uses his wealth of industry experience to provide leadership, advice and guidance to the award-winning team at Pattersons Insurerbuild, Australia’s first specialised national insurance builder. As the company’s founder and managing director, he brings more than 25 years in insurance and 30 years’ experience in the building industry, backed by an advanced diploma in building and construction.

A qualified carpenter with both commercial and domestic experience and building licences, Stuart’s aspirations combined with his love of business and commerce provided him with the skills to realise the many visions and opportunities he saw in the building and insurance industry. His role allows him to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the team within the Pattersons group, and he gets enormous satisfaction from sharing ideas with some of Australia’s most successful and progressive insurance repair professionals.

Stuart has always been passionate in helping communities and those less fortunate with his company’s ongoing commitment to supporting charities, local sporting and/or community foundations. His drive and passion to always get the best outcome for his staff and customers perfectly complements the company’s high level of quality, care and service, while his vision and ambitions for the business into the future are endless with many things always on the horizon.

Andy Pereira

Executive General Manager

Andy plays an integral role in the business by maintaining and developing our client base through his relationships and industry network. Over the last 18 years, he has worked with major insurance companies in Australia and is conversant with industry standards and delivery expectations.

A key feature of Andy’s role is embedding those industry standards throughout Pattersons and cascading them down from management to team member, ensuring our customer service experience is consistent. He is a keystone to the growth and success of the company forged with the support of the professional and personal respect and friendship of Stuart Patterson.

Andy maintains a global view of the company and is involved in the high-level planning of commercial projects, providing crucial direction and decision-making at sites across Australia. He is passionate about building relationships based on customer service and delivery while providing the best outcomes for all stakeholders, plus he is acknowledged as one of the most capable and respected executives in the insurance industry.

Sam Ratcliff

General Manager Operations AU|NZ

With more than 17 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Sam brings in-depth knowledge and attention to detail to his role as our general manager of building and operations. A seasoned claims professional, he specialises in both commercial and industrial special risks claims with an expert knowledge of the key risks and legislation in the financial services sector.

Sam has held senior and executive leadership claims roles across large general insurers, loss adjusting firms and third-party administrators, as well as a senior leadership role in quality assurance and risk at Australia’s largest general insurer. He has been instrumental in leading our operations by developing and maintaining strong professional relationships with key internal and external stakeholders and leveraging these to achieve positive business outcomes for the end customer. By overseeing all aspects of business operations to meet service, financial and organisational requirements, he has become an essential component for Pattersons Insurerbuild, Australia’s largest specialised insurance repairer.

Sam is also passionate about his philanthropy work and is deeply involved in the development and training of entry level youth into the financial industry. He is proud to be part of such a premium company as Pattersons because it has a specialised focus with a national reach that provides clients with the best insurance repair service available in the market today.