Raising Money For MS Australia

MS Australia

Key Notes

Raising money for people with MS is really important to me as it hits close to home. My mum Naz, was one of the strongest and most inspirational people I’ve ever known. She was diagnosed with MS in 1999, and she courageously fought the disease for over 20 years of her life . She was completely disabled by the age of 47 and myself along with my siblings were required to full time care for her until she passed away in 2019. As a daughter it was difficult watching my mother progressively get worse and struggle with being able to do simple things that we sometimes take for granted every day. She couldn’t feed herself or even pick up a remote to change the channel on the TV. I want to raise money for people with MS so they can afford equipment and care that they truly do deserve.
Thanks for your support – it really means a lot.